Prosthetic treatment (or restoration) entails replacement of missing teeth or parts of teeth with an artificial construction that restores functionality and aesthetics.

Missing teeth can be replaced with either removable or non-removable dentures.

Our clinic offers the following types of dental prosthetics:

  • Metal ceramic crowns;
  • Zirconium based ceramic crowns;
  • Root post (a structure fixed in the root that is use support a dental crown);
  • Onlays and inlays (high-quality fillings used to restore a tooth in case of large tissue damage);
  • Implant-based prosthetics;
  • Veneers (thin ceramic plates);
  • All types of removable dentures (total dentures when all teeth are missing, partial dentures when part of teeth are missing).

Planning dental treatments is essential for successful and efficient replacement of missing teeth. That is why before starting prosthetic treatment, an individual treatment plan is prepared, which contains information about all the necessary dental treatments as well as possible treatment options.